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Forklifts are the basic necessity of industries. Without Forklifts industry, warehouse, freight dock and the manufacturing plants are incomplete. Forklifts are divided in to two groups

  • Electric Forklifts
  • Internal Forklifts

Big Joe Forklifts offers you both Electric & Internal Forklifts. Both have different features and are used for different purposes.


Electric Forklifts are powered by lead-acid batteries; Big Joe Forklifts provide you several different types of Electric Forklifts. Sit Down Electric Forklifts, Stand Up Electric Fork Lifts. Electric Forklifts are fundamentally design for indoor use. The procuring amount of the electric forklifts is higher than the Internal Forklifts but the yearly maintenance cost & fueling charges of electric Forklifts is less then Internal Forklifts.

Internal Forklifts are powered by gas, diesel & propane. Big Joe Forklifts provide you several different types of Internal Forklifts. High Capacity Forklifts, standup Forklifts. Internal Forklifts is fundamentally design for outdoor use. Internal Forklift are more powerful than electrical forklift. If we talk about the performance, the performance rate of internal Forklift is better than Electric Forklifts.


Every forklift have its own specializations and features some are powered by propane, some by electricity, some by petrol, some by electricity. Big Joe Forklift are available in each and all type with its unique features. Companies prefer to buy Big Joe Forklift due its uniqueness and special features that make work easy and comfort.

Following are some special benefits that make Big Joe Forklift unique and most demandable.

Visibility & Safety

Safety is the top priority of the companies and the users of Forklift. Big Joe Forklift are here for you which provide you safety of top level. Big Joe Forklift provides the best visibility for their users that no other provides you. Operator of the Big Joe Forklift can maintain visibility at any rage. Big Joe Forklift also provides you auto break function which increase your security level.



If you get a chance to operate the Forklift, for an entire shift then you know how important the comfortability is. Big Joe Forklift provides you the comfortability level that no one can provide you. Big Joe Forklift facilitates you with the technology that makes entry and exit easier for you. Due to unique technologies people and the companies prefer Big Joe Forklift on anyone else.


Maintenance and Service

When we talk about Machine maintenance comes first. In case of forklift normally maintenance is scheduled. All it depends on how much you use forklift. Big Joe provide you the facility of maintenance for Big Joe Forklift. Maintenance of Big Joe Forklift include change of oil and filter, fluid check and other various types of facilities depend on the type of your machine. In case your Forklift is not working properly Big Joe provide you the facility of providing company technician that provide exclusive service to your Big Joe Forklift in low cost.

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