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Electric Pallet Truck is an electronic device which is manufactured to lift up, deliver and consolidate in to columns. The approximate usual weight of Electric Pallet Truck is up to 20 to 40 Kg and its size is 100 x 122 cm. It’s very relaxing to understand how risky & complex to lift the stack with manually pallet.

The fundamental difference between the manual Pallet Truck & Electric Pallet Truck is the process of transporting pallet from one place to another. The one common thing between both Electric pallet Truck & Manual Pallet Truck is the usage of electro-hydraulic system for lifting & a manual relief-valve devices for lowering loads. With the help of Electric Pallet Truck without any difficulty warehouse employee can move a short ton from one place to another.


There are different features of the Electric Pallet Truck some of them are

  • Electric Pallet Truck provide us more safety as compare to Manual pallet Truck
  • Electric Pallet Truck secures us with its safety brakes feature.
  • Electric Pallet Truck has a special feature through which they don’t release any kind of waste gas for disposal that is the one of key feature by which it is ideal among users for indoor use.
  • The initial price of Electric Pallet Truck is bit higher than other one by it provides us the facility of cost saving on fuel.
  • The time duration of the usage of Electric Pallet Truck is less then Manual pallet Truck but if you want to use Electric Pallet Truck for more time duration it provide you the option. For this you have to buy another battery for charging & cooling.
  • With the help of additional battery you can use Electric Pallet Truck for more than one shift.
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